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Today, there are several varieties of mirrors, and, depending on the needs of customers, each of them solves certain problems that people face in interior space.

- The Floor Mirror is more often used in the bedrooms or in the living room. Due to its large dimensions, the floor mirror is the most functional, giving a person the opportunity to see themselves in full length. Those mirrors are not in great demand, but if you are aiming to find such an element of the interior, then, for example, an online mirror shop can help you. By entering in the search bar the right keywords such as “buy a mirror in online store”, then you will immediately see that there are lots of companies are ready to provide you with the appropriate products from their selections. Offering various styles to choose from. Mirror can make any room make bigger by reflecting the surfaces around they are visually adding more space.

- The Hallway  Mirror has to be fixed to the wall as a rule.  More often  such an element of the interior is the first thing that a person can see after entering the apartment. Many mirrors in the hallway are medium in size, but there are exceptions. Large mirrors can be seen in spacious apartments, where there is enough space to arrange them relative to other furniture so that the overall picture looks harmonious. Hallway mirror in the small narrow corridors can visually increase the space and light by reflecting the lights the room will look brighter.

- Dressing Table Mirror is more often  a small-sized mirror with a stand, which  simply can be placed on a table or any other surface without fixing it to the wall with the help of special several fixings.  Many people understand that a table mirror for makeup can be bought as a gift, because such present will not only be pleasant, but also functional for any lady who is not indifferent to her appearance.

- The Rotating Mirror is a very interesting model, and its main difference is that it has advanced functionality, thanks to the presence of two mirrors located on each side of the frame. Most often, one of these mirrors increases reflection, as a result of which a person will be able to examine himself in more detail.

The online store will help you in choosing mirrors for your home.

We invite you to buy mirrors! Online store is here for you service.
You can buy a mirror in any furniture store, it has a purpose of not only as a decoration element of the interior in retro style, but also as a design tool with which you can create various lighting effects and visually change the space. If you want to extend the room, we recommend buying a wall mirror and hanging it in front of the window - this will give additional lighting, and the larger the mirror, the better the result.

                        What mirror to buy for the bathroom, bedroom and hallway?

By installing a large mirrors (you can buy them from us) in front of paintings, flowers or a green veranda, you will get a delightful optical effect when beautiful plants and objects, reflected in the mirror, seem soaring in space. Thus, in the room you can create a fabulously magical atmosphere that will affect the mood and well-being.

Many women want to buy a dressing table with a vintage-style mirror in order to freshen up themselves up like a socialite from past centuries. Do not forget to buy a mirror for the bathroom - a bronze frame with floral patterns or a simple half-wall mirror will give the room a touch of rustic charm. Now it’s very fashionable to order an antique bathroom mirror, and it’s better to buy it in stores with a good reputation and a guarantee of quality.

You can buy a mirror for the hallway, which usually sets the tone for the interior of the entire apartment. Artificially aged and slightly worn accessories will take you to a couple of centuries ago, when the ladies were fanning themselves with fans, and gentlemen were shooting cylinders in front of them. But in addition to aesthetic pleasure, you will receive practical benefit from the new situation, since the mirror placed near the door (all interior designers advise it to buy) as it pushes the walls of a narrow corridor, filling it with light and air. Feng Shui does not recommend placing a mirror opposite the entrance to the apartment, since in this case the energy leaves the home and reduces the vitality of the inhabitants of the house.

Buy a mirror online: selection criteria

The shape of the mirror depends on your tastes, preferences and features of the decorated room. Elongated rectangular and oval models are suitable for low ceilings, as they make the room taller and more spacious. A round mirror (you can buy it inexpensively) is suitable for any room, and a heavy antique frame, carved or textured, will fill the room with home comfort.
Mirrors in the shape of a heart or a flower, framed by a wooden or metal frame, as if bought at an auction of the 19th century, look very stylish and romantic. Decorations of colored crystal and crystals turn each model into antiques, and your guests will never guess that the table mirror that you managed to buy in the online store is not a family value.
If you need to buy a bathroom mirror, it’s better to buy a model with a frame covered with water-repellents, as high humidity can damage wood or metal.

For those who plan to buy a floor mirror, we advise you to choose models in stylized frames that will fill the interior with a new sound and add a touch of sophistication to southern France. Do not place mirrors against a background of colorful surroundings or complexly decorated areas of the interior, so that an elegant accessory is not lost among the splendor and luxury. To buy a mirror in a room is only the first step, the most important thing is to make it fit into the surroundings of the room.